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Orthopedic inserts – FO (Foot Orthosis)

Equipment used for the correction of foot deformations. The purpose of its use is an improvement of the foot functioning while weight-bearing through ensuring an appropriate linear alignment, stabilization and foot arch preservation. The orthosis can be made of both soft thermoplastic materials and a combination of several material types. In the last phase of production, the orthosis must be adjusted to footwear.

RING orthosis

An orthosis used for correction of the subtalar joint along with free movement in the talocrural joint. The full-contact type of correction allows for its use in major foot deformations. It is made of a combination of carbon fiber and polyacrylic laminates. Due to its construction, the RING orthosis should be used along with orthosis-dedicated footwear.

DAFO (Dynamic – Ankle – Foot – Orthosis)

A low orthosis covering the foot and the talocrural joint. The role of such equipment type is to ensure foot correction along with additional talocrural joint stabilization in the frontal plane. This orthosis is used for walking and can be inserted into footwear. Due to an appropriate correction and additional pelotte system, the DAFO orthosis acts on the foot in a sensorimotor manner – by stimulating mechanoreceptors located at its plantar side. DAFO is made of thermoplastic materials and polyurethane foams.

AFO (Ankle – Foot – Orthosis)

A type of orthoses covering the foot, talocrural joint and the calf. They are used as rest orthoses (NIGHT TIME AFO), for verticalization (SOLID AFO) and for gait education and re-education (DYNAMIC AFO). AFO orthoses can be used in combination with other types of orthoses as hybrid solutions, e.g. DAFO in AFO or RING in AFO. They can be made of thermoplastic materials or carbon fiber. The functionality of AFO orthoses can be expanded through the use of additional components such as moving joints or dynamic carbon elements.

GRAFO (Ground Reaction – Ankle – Foot – Orthosis)

An orthosis, which – due to the frontal enclosure of the calf – uses the ground reaction force to maintain or correct the knee joint extension. This type of equipment in particular is used in movement patterns with limited knee joint extension.
These orthoses are characterized by the talocrural joint stabilization and a rigid orthosis bottom, leading to the presence of an external transverse righting moment in the knee joint. The GRAFO orthosis can be used for verticalization or walking, depending on the materials used. These can be a thermoplastic material, polyacrylic resin or carbon fiber.

KAFO (Knee – Ankle – Foot – Orthosis)

An orthosis covering the entire lower limb. It is used as a rest equipment (NIGHT TIME KAFO), for verticalization (SOLID KAFO) or for gait pattern correction (DYNAMIC KAFO). The functionality of this orthosis type depends on the materials and additional components in the form of orthotic joints or gas actuators selected individually according to the body weight and activity level. The KAFO orthosis is used for correction of the long limb axis, prevention of muscular contractures or stabilization of the knee joint in a given position. KAFO orthoses are produced with the use of thermoplastic materials, polyacrylic laminates or carbon fiber.